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Getting Involved

Gardening and Seasonal Plot Rental

If you live in the community and want a space to grow vegetables or learn about gardening contact us and we'll be happy to meet with you about having a plot in our gardens.

Optionally if you can't commit to gardening in a plot for one reason or another we have community space gardening on Saturday mornings.


If you live outside of Pigtown and want to be involved we have several volunteer days during each season.


Between building projects and tidying up the gardening spaces there is always a lot to do.

Contact us or find us on facebook and we'll add you to our volunteer list and will send out an email when we have a big project to complete. 

We also welcome you to join our Sprouts program that works with children in the classroom at Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary. 


​PFFT! has a number of different events throughout the year. Garden cleanups, Saturday Farm Stand, cook outs and a fall festival in early November.

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