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Pigtown Food for Thought Produce Stand
for the 21st Annual Pigtown Festival
Community Survey

Pigtown Food for Thought (PFFT) is a community garden collective active in Pigtown for over ten years. We have two garden sites: the Carroll Street Garden at 1331 Carroll Street and the Henry Hailey Memorial garden (AKA the Ostend Street Garden) at 1172 Carroll Street.


We are a diverse group of Pigtown neighbors invested in improving food access and healthy food-related education.


In anticipation of the upcoming 21st Annual Pigtown Festival on September 30, 2023, we would like to hear from you! 


We will have a table at the festival with goods available for purchase. We would like to be prepared with produce and products that you would be willing to purchase to support PFFT. 

We will also ask you to consider getting involved with PFFT and to let us know if you would be interested. 


Please complete the short survey below. 

What plants/products would you be interested in purchasing to support Pigtown Food for Thought? You may select more than one option:
There are many different ways you can help PFFT. We would love to hear from you if you are interested. How would you like to be involved with Pigtown Food for Thought? This question is optional and you may select more than one option.
Would you like to be contacted in the future about Pigtown Food for Thought?

Thanks for submitting your response to our Pigtown Food for Thought Stand Survey for the 21st Annual Pigtown Festival! We hope to see you there on September 30, 2023! Learn more about the Pigtown Festival here;

Follow Pigtown Food for Thought on Instagram at @pfftsprouts.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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